Protect Adrian’s Kids

Exposing the Crimes of Thomas Hodgman

Adrian Professor Thomas Hodgman Confesses to Molesting Teens

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The Documents:

The Story:

Why do Adrian College & Methodist Church Officials Refuse to Protect Kids?

Instead, They Let Him Take Dozens of Youngsters Overseas For Weeks, Run a Community Chorus and Sponsor a High School Vocal Competition

In 2005, after an almost 20-year battle to expose the man who molested her when she was a teen, Joelle Casteix was awarded $1.6 million and access to the documents that proved Thomas Hodgman – a professor at a Methodist College in Michigan – admitted raping her and another student.

Chruch and college officials know of Hodgman’s admission, yet continue to let him be around kids.

The Diocese of Orange and Mater Dei High School kept these documents hidden and never alerted authorities.

Adrian College still refuses to remove Hodgman. Last week, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests asked Adrian College President Jeffrey Docking and the Adrian Board of Trustees for 10 minutes at their February 15 meeting. They wanted to give Casteix the opportunity to address her extreme concern at the Adrian Choir’s upcoming tour to China, sponsored by Kingsway International The group believes that taking innocent and vulnerable kids to China with an admitted child molester is dangerous and foolish.

Kingsway international has also been informed of Hodgman’s crimes.

Read their letter here: SNAP’s Letter to Jeffrey Docking

To protect kids, PLEASE write:

  • The man who is Hodgman’s boss:

Adrian President Jeffrey Docking:

  • The church that charters Adrian College:

Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton, Bishop of the Michigan Area of the United Methodist Church:

  • The company that’s sponsoring Hodgman’s overseas trip:

Kingsway International:

  • The organization that helps him gain access to kids by accrediting him:

The National Association for Music Education:

(Each of these knows about Hodgman’s crimes but is refusing to act to safeguard children)


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